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BOOK: The Heart and Soul of Model Photography / Py Pai

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What is The Most Important Attribute in Model Photography?
How to Read This Book

Stage 1 Assemble Your Photo Shoot Team

Chapter 1   Models, Where Art Thee?

1.1   Models Are Your Core Business
1.2   What and Where Models Are
1.3   There Are More Model Types
1.4   What Makes a Great Model
1.5   Seven Ways to Find Models Online
1.6   Six Plus Places to Find Models in Person
1.7   How to Approach Models For Best Results
1.8   What Types of Photos Interest Model?
1.9   Who Pays Whom?
1.10   How Did I Get to Work With Top-Tier Models

Chapter 2   Plan Your Photo Shoot Like a SEAL

2.1   Have a Full Ownership Mindset
2.2   Choose Your Work Style: Team Production, Lean Crew Operation, or Dual Creation
2.3   Search For Your Shoot Location: Six Ways of Location Scouting
2.4   Pay Extra Attention to Details During Scouting
2.5   Build / Rent / Find an Indoor Studio – Eight Ways
2.6   Research and Evaluate, Before Commit
2.7   Pro Makeup and Hair Can Instantly Upgrade Your Photos
2.8   “What Should I Bring?” She Asked
2.9   Get Everyone On The Same Page With Your Concept Plan

 Stage 2 Shoot For The Stars

Chapter 3   The Management Component: Ensure a Smooth and Productive Shoot

3.1   How to Make a Magical Start
3.2   Manage The Crowd
3.3   Complete Makeup and Hair, Plus Wardrobe Selection
3.4   Decide Your Shoot Approach
3.5   Energy Flow in The Four Shooting Stages
3.6   Conclusion and Extras

Chapter 4   The Skills Component: Master Your Equipment and Lighting

4.1   Let’s Talk About Cameras and Lenses
4.2   Simplify Your Exposure Triangle for Model Photography
4.3   Be The Master of Your Lighting
4.4   Harness The Artificial Lighting Exposure Diamond
4.5   Have Fun with Off-Camera Lighting
4.6   There Are Many Lighting Recipes
4.7   Sculpture Lighting with Practical and Surprising Lighting Tools

Chapter 5   The Good, The Bad, and The OMG Lighting Conditions

5.1   Yay! It’s The Most Friendly Natural Light Condition
5.2   Ugh! It’s an Unfriendly Natural Light Condition
5.3   Hmm, How to Shoot in Tricky Natural Light Conditions
5.4   Oops! There is No Natural Light Now
5.5   Cool! There is Window Light in The Room
5.6   Play with Lighting For Creativity

Chapter 6   The Modeling Component: Unlock Models’ Inner Supermodels

6.1   Achieve The Three C-Levels of Modeling Posing
6.2   Start With Best Angle and Pose Assessment
6.3   When and How to Coach Your Model
6.4   Direct by Verbal Cues
6.5   Give Her Constant Feedback and Positive Energy
6.6   Let Her Eyes Speak – Anchoring The Shot
6.7   Let Her Expressions Tell – Setting The Mood
6.8   Let Her Poses Show – Making Photos Come Alive
6.9   Let Her Actions Play – Interacting with Objects

Chapter 7   The Aesthetics Component: Define Your Idiosyncrasy

7.1   How to Create Your “It” Shots
7.2   Become a Virtuoso With Visual Design
7.3   Create a Visual Tour for Your Viewers
7.4   Think Outside The Box With Ten Compositions
7.5   Ten Ways to Make Your Subjects Pop
7.6   Use Sets to Enrich Your Photos
7.7   Add Props to Cue Your Narratives

Chapter 8   The Delivery Component: Accomplish Your Mission

8.1   Make a No-Brainer Backup Routine
8.2   Be a Creative Partner by Providing Proofs
8.3   Work That Post-Processing Magic
8.4   Make Your Photos More Useful in Fifteen Ways

Chapter 9   More Shooting Methods – Mobile, BTS, and Event Coverage

9.1   Phone Cameras Entered The Room
9.2   Five Ways to Do Mobile Photography Lighting
9.3   See It As a Model Photographer
9.4   Add Behind-The-Scene (BTS) Content to Your Mix
9.5   Create Your BTS Post-Production Magic
9.6   How to Do Pro Level Model Coverage at Events

 Stage 3 Thrive and Grow Your Model Photography

Chapter 10   Persona, Presentation, Promotion, and Protection

10.1   Define Your Brand
10.2   Marketing is More About Passion, Less About Sales
10.3   Guiding Principle – People Are The Core
10.4   The Three Pillars of Service Transactions
10.5   Take Care of Accounting and Taxes
10.6   Keep in Mind The Eleven Legal Related Tools

Chapter 11   Build Your Empire

11.1   Construct Your Online Mothership Website
11.2   Play The Social Media Game
11.3   Build Professional Relationships
11.4   Would You Do a Print Magazine, Even for Free?
11.5   Lastly, Some “Preaching”

Chapter 12   Eighteen Ways to Grow Your Passion and Expand Your Horizon

12.1   Keep Growing – Looking Inside
12.2   Keep Growing – Searching Outside
12.3   Keep Growing – Working With People
12.4   Create Your Masterpieces
12.5   Postscript 1: Share Your Thoughts
12.6   Postscript 2: Special Thanks To The Heros Who Changed My Path??
12.7   Postscript 3: URLs Mentioned in This Book